Online User Reporting - connect to your database and see initial reports predefined for you by OUReports

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  Cloud based solution
  No instalation and maintenance hassles
   Analyzing the data structure and doing variety of initial reports for you
   Create stunning reports with ease
   Several supported databases
   MySQL, SQL Server, Intersystems Cache, Oracle, xml and csv files, and more coming
   Import and Export options
   RDL, Excel, Word, PDF, CSV, and more
   Simple designer for non-programmers
   No SQL knowledge is required
   "Pay per use" model for individual users
   Cut down your payments
 Small businesses
and individual users:

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An easy cloud based report builder for non-programmers.
 Unlimited user reports, graphics, and statistics.

   Free trial for 100 days 
Only $1 per day after free trial.
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OUReports Indepedent Contractor Agreement
At OUReports, we can serve organizations from our cloud Web server or by installing OUReports Web site on their own Web server. Our system requires only restricted access(reading permissions) to the database of the organization we are serving. Our application automatically analyzes data structure, generates a set of preliminary reports, and provides a simple interface for creating ad hoc reports and conducting statistical research. Any organization storing data in SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, dilimited files, or Cache Intersystems databases can use OUReports to quickly and easily generate fast highly informational and statistical reports. If your company, hospital, etc... are using local ReporTrack Report system, you might want to consider our service to generate and process your reports online using OUReports. We can help with conversion.
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