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New Eastern Orthodox Church has been consructed and is being open today at 5610 E. 5 St., Tucson, AZ (2/1/2011 11:43:14 AM):
Tucson Gem Shows Events 2011 (1/29/2011 10:17:53 PM): 
Tucson Open Table Tennis Tournament::
Southern Arizona table tennis tournament 
Eastern European festival:
UKrainian and Eastern European festival:call (520) 206-698 
Russian Winter Festival:
The Arizona Balalaika 
wildflower watch:
This year is a great time to watch wildflowers, go now. 
Wildflowers & Roadside Flower Drives:
Sping in Tucson area! See
Arizona Russian events calendar 
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The River Bend Roadway Improvements: 
Tucson meet yourself festival:
Fan, food and intertainment! 
Annual Business Conference:
This symposium is designed for those who are planning to do business in countries of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe or who are currently doing business there. 
New American Program Coordinator:
Jewish Festival 
UofA Events & Entertainment: 
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