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ASP.NET 2.0 samples:
Basic Security Practices for Web Applications:
IIS 7.0:
Functions in Transact-SQL:
Logging in Reporting services:
Reporting services:
Session Expired:
Uploading Files with Iframes:
File Upload in UpdatePanel:
Free training: 5FAJAX
Resources, Shortcuts and Workarounds for Crystal Reports Designers and Developers 
Upload and download in .NET:
Session state:
Wait cursor:
This is the "smart navigation" explanation for .NET 2.0
cool presentation:
Create Event Handlers in ASP.NET Web Pages: 
Handling and Raising Events: 
Control Execution Lifecycle:
Building a Drop-Down Filter List for a DataGridView Column Header Cell 
Master pages:
Master Page:
Date and Time: 
Reporting Services samples 
VS 2005 reporting: 
Creating a Row-Selectable DataGrid Control:
MsgBox using javascript in ASP.NET:
RegisterStartupScript("startupScript", " scriptlanguage=JavaScript alert( This is my message. ); /script ");
Message Box in ASP.NET: 
How to configure your Web server for Visual InterDev 6.0 ASP debugging 
Aggregate Functions (Transact-SQL): 
Web server controls can be customized by setting properties or by using CSS styles. Some allow you to customize their look through ASP.NET templates. 
Running an external process from ASP.NET with proper network credentials 
architectural considerations specific to ASP.NET 
.NET Diagnostics - II, A Threads Monitoring Application Using C#By Naveen K Kohli. 
Displaying , Exporting and Printing Crystal Reports in ASP.NET 
Print PDF:
Authentication functions:
Compiling .NET code on-the-fly:
GridView in ASP.NET 2.0: 
Crystal Reports LogOnException error: 
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Some important links: , , , ,
Sam Spade:
IP whois 
ASP.NET Quick Start: 
Debugging ASP Web Applications:
Although the primary focus of Web debugging in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 is ASP.NET, you can also debug legacy ASP Web applications. 
Debug in ASP.NET:
This tutorial explain some of the more common migrating problems from VB to VB.NET:
Crystal Reports: 
SQL Server 2005: 
Combine Crystal Reports:
An Overview of SQL Server 2005 for the Database Developer:
Triggers in SQL Server 2000: 
SQL Server stored procedures:
HTML Validator: 
Crystal Report for .NET book:
ASP.NET WEb Services: 
Run exe from ASP (WScript.Shell object):
Executing Applications on a Server Through an ASP Page:
1. Install the ASPExec component (register the component ASPExec.dll).2. Create the ASP page (let s say build.asp) and make sure the user will have execute access on that file/directory.3. Create the object on the page using CreateObject()4. Set your parameters for the object5. Call the Execute method 
Flash tutorials: 
How to Share Session State Between Classic ASP and ASP.NET: 
Tracking visitors with ASP.NET:
Web design:
Free classes on WEB 
Visual InterDev 6.0 Debugging Resources:;en-us;q244272
Active Server Pages - FAQ: 
C++ STL: 
Invalid Report Source fix: 
Crystal Reports in VB.NET: 
Anyone who bought a Microsoft operating system or application software is eligible to get a voucher for from $9 to $15 for each product.
Crystal Reports and Database: , ,
Crystal Reports in VS.NET:
Deployment of Crystal Reports 9 with .NET: , Licensing: , Crystal Reports 10 and .NET:
Scripting Support for Web Page Printing: 
The Mono project is an open source effort sponsored by Novell to create a free implementation of the .NET Development Framework. Mono includes a compiler for the C# language, a Common Language Runtime (CLR) for the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) and a set of class libraries. The runtime can be embedded into your application. It implements both ADO.NET and ASP.NET. 
Migration from SQL Server to MySQL 5.0:
Store procedures migrate also. 
VB movies:
Welcome to VB at the Movies! The 101 short films will provide everybody from the beginner through the advanced developer with an opportunity to amp up their VB skills. In true studio fashion, we?re releasing two categories each week, so check back often to catch the latest releases.Let us know what you think! View and rate five movies, then sign up to receive your redemption code email entitling you to a complimentary Not-For-Resale copy of Visual Basic .NET 2003 Standard Edition. Grab your popcorn and soda, sit back and enjoy! 
Crystal Reports in .NET:
Export Crystal Reports to PDF in .NET: , , ,
Database Migration Software: 
Report Sharp-Shooter:
Report Sharp-Shooter 1.6 is a royalty-free report building engine for .NET, capable of creating complex reports from multiple data sources and featuring various report export options - PDF, HTML, EMF, BMP, JPG, GIF, Excel, CSV, and TXT. 
ASP.NET links: , ,
.NET Framework 1.1 HotFix:;en-us;818803
The various reporting needs:
Reporting software 
ASP.NET code examples: 
How to create PDF files from ASP.NET pages: 
VBScript To Send Email Using CDO: 
HOWTO: Retrieve XML Data with an XPath Query in an ASP Client:;en-us;272184
XMLDOM object:
More about CDO object and samples: , ,
Creating and Sending a Message:
Code samples for VB, C++, VBScript , 
What is the Difference Between CDO 1.2 and CDONTS?:
CDO version 1.2 for NTS, also known as CDO for NTS, is an SMTP-specific lightweight version of CDO 1.2 for Exchange. This version of CDO was designed to allow server applications to send and receive messages without requiring Exchange server.;en-us;177850 
The Microsoft Developer Community Seminar series:
With the resources on this website, the seminars don t have to end when the presenters pack up to travel onto the next town. Here, you ll be able to find the presentation slides, code samples, downloads, links to additional reading material on the seminar topics, and all the other related and in depth content that we couldn t fit into the seminar. There is also a newsgroup available here so that you can ask those questions that you think up the day after the seminar... 
Data Access Application Block for .NET: , , User samples:
Visual Studio .NET 2003 straight from your browser:
For three hours, you will have unlimited access to Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 running on Windows Server 2003, as well as a library of other valuable Microsoft tools. It s simple ? and you can get started in just a few minutes.Step 1 ? Complete the sign up form, Step 2 ? You will receive an e-mail with your login information, Step 3 ? Go to and enter your login information. If you run out of time, you can come back later and sign up for another 3 hour block. 
ASP.NET Starter Kits:
The ASP.NET Starter Kits are five sample ASP.NET applications that provide code to accomplish common Web development tasks. Each sample is complete and well-documented so that you can use the code to kickstart your ASP.NET development projects today. 
Server Variables (ASP): , see more: 
ASP Usefull Code Wizards: 
Sending E-Mails with ASP Pages:
Here you ll find articles, tutorials and forums on ASP, .NET and J2EE. 
MS Scripting technology: 
Robots, how to stop or invite: 
How to Defeat Bad Web Robots:
Linux: , , , ,
Combining PDFs and creating COM objects problem solving:
Windows temporary directory permissions involved. IUSR, IWAM, authonticated, ASPNET users look like should have a modify permissions for temp directory. One of last Microsoft security patches changes the permissions.
Combining PDFs problem solving:
When using web application to combine PDFs using Set AcroApp = CreateObject("AcroExch.App") Set PDDoc = CreateObject("AcroExch.PDDoc") Set InsertPDDoc = CreateObject("AcroExch.PDDoc") it could unexpectedly crashed. Resolution is: delete all files from Windows temporary directory.
Planet PDF: , , ,
Free useful (and useless) programs:
- Metric - USA All units of measurement conversion- File organizer and management program- Card-index (Notebook, Code bank, Cookbook, etc.)- Global distances . . . and more 
Open VPN:
Embedded devices:
One of the more exiting areas for Linux adoption is in the form of embedded devices. Here is a small sampling of embedded Linux devices and links: (Turn an old 486 into a Router/Firewall?/VPN Gateway ;-) , (EmbeddedLinuxPortal) , (SharpZaurusPDA Line) , (GMateYopyPDA Line) , (Tivo) , (IsamuLinuxRobot) , , etc... (From )
Linux History:
The Cathedral and the Bazaar. Eric Steven Raymond:
Major Linux Distributions: 
General: ,
XML: , XML и базы данных: , OPENXML: , SQLXML: , , , , , Interactive Microsoft SQL Server & XML Online Tutorial: , , XMLDATA: , XPATH: , XML in a Nutshell: ,
Retrieving Identity or Autonumber Values in .NET:
@@Identity in MS AccessMSAccess 2000 or later supports the @@IDENTITY property to retrieve the value of an autonumber field after an Insert is executed. 
Web Email: ,
Application Packaging with the Wizard: 
SQL Server: , 3D1033 26CDID 3DEN-US-KB 26PRODLISTSRC 3DON&Product=&KeywordType=ALL&Titles=false&numDays=&maxResults=25&Queryl=SQL+Server&Query=SQL+Server&QuerySource=gsfxSearch_Query&srchExtraQry=
Retrieve recordset from Access database:;EN-US;198532 , ,
CSS (Cascading Style Sheet): ,
ASP, JavaScript: , Printing with Windows Forms: , Using .NET Framework Data Providers to Access Data: ,
Date functions in ASP: 
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